Next-genNFT Platform

Multi-chain, multi-channel NFT brewery, distribution and management. Exotic NFT minting, trading, user binding and rewards.

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Now you can mint your very first digital art collections on MintedVodka! Discover how our innovative minting services will revolutionize the NFT metaverse!

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EVM chainNFT & DApp Magnet

Open & powerful NFT platform to create, trade, manage, collaborate. Adds critical value to the ecosystem for developers & artists. Kick-starts networking effects for the ecosystem.

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Legacy marketplace

For legacy cocktails and old deals, use the button below to access the old MintedVodka v1.

GAT NetworkTrusted by industry

MintedVodka is the centerpiece of GAT Network - a web of connected NFT trading & gaming projects. Launched in early 2021 on BSC by a fully transparent team/company in Germany. In late 2021 we became part of the Binance Labs portfolio: through incubation program and investment.

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