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Minted Vodka: all-in-one NFT platform

A one-stop-shop for all your NFT needs. Powerful minting, flexible trading, chain independence and easy bridging. Create, distribute, manage & collaborate!


Non-curated & permission-less. All NFTs on all connected chains are supported (please check TOS).


Currently without any platform fees for any service. Affordable trading fees in the future.


7 chains supported and new ones added constantly. Minted NFTs bridgeable between all of them.


When creating deals, your NFTs and assets remain in your wallet until your deal terms are met.


Your own trade terms: any NFT/coin on any side of the deal in any amount or combination.


Easily create an NFT shop or a mystery box and gamify the drop of your NFT collections.

Innovative Minting

Collection key ownership & IPFS hosting. Soon: mint-on-demand, software minting, layered minting.

NFT Wallet

A single NFT wallet that shows all of your NFT collections and items on any chain that we support.

Supported Chains

Binance Chain
Shimmer Testnet

Frequently asked questions

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Have the smart contracts been audited?
For the legacy MintedVodka platform the smart contracts have been audited by the trusted service provider Solidity Finance. The results are positive and you can read the full report here The current version is in testing/beta. Therefore the smart contracts will be audited as soon as possible (after the beta-phase).
Which fees have to be paid by users?
There are currently no platform fees. You only pay transaction fees of the network (which are fractions of a cent on some chains) to execute transactions (like accepting a deal, or minting NFTs). In the future affordable trading fees may be introduced."
What kind of deals are possible on the market?
Currently there are two deal types: flexible deals and bulk deals.
  • Flexible deals: allow flexible anything-for-anything trading combinations of NFTs and coins (e.g. swapping NFTs, Bundling, ... or simple NFT sales)
  • Bulk deals: allow to sell a set of NFTs one-by-one for a fixed price (that can be also configured to be dynamic for a more gamified experience). Also, you can set to sell the items in random order - thus creating your own Mystery Box.

Video Tutorials

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