Minted Vodka on Shimmer EVM Testnet

Start testing & using NFTs on Shimmer EVM today!
Mined Vodka's side-chain is connected to the Shimmer EVM Testnet.

Frequently asked questions

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How can I connect my Wallet to the Testnet?
Please see the introduction video below and use the following network configuration for your wallet:
  • Network name: Shimmer Testnet
  • RPC URL: here
  • Chain ID: 1074 (this is the same ID as the Shimmer Testnet!)
  • Currency Symbol: wSMR
Alternatively click this button to connect your wallet and add the network automatically:
How can I get faucet tokens?
To be able to perform on-chain transaction on the Testnet side-chain, you still need faucet tokens from the Testnet in your wallet. We have deployed a tool provided by IF that you can use to send some tokens to your address. For more information see the introduction video below.
Get Shimmer Faucet Tokens
How stable is the side-chain? Are my NFTs secure?
While you can already use all the features of MintedVodka and even bridge the NFTs later to the mainnet, please keep in mind that the side-chain runs on beta-level node software provided by IF developers. While we are confident in keeping the side-chain running and consistent, please keep in mind that it is still in beta-test phase!
My Metamask / transactions don't seem to work?
Please be aware that our side-chain uses the same chain-ID as the official Shimmer Testnet (1074). If you already have the Shimmer Testnet configured in your Metamask and you click on "Switch network"-Button, then the main Shimmer Testnet might get automatically selected in Metamask, instead of the Minted Vodka's side-chain. In this case, please make sure to automatically select/verify the correct network in your Metamask before using MintedVodka! This inconvenience will disappear in the near future!

Video Tutorials for Shimmer Users

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