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NFT minting beyond digital art

Sell your products and services as digital tokens. Innovative NFT use-cases that will open markets past simple digital art.

The GAT Network team will continue to push the NFT innovation in 2022 and beyond. We do not play on cutting-edge, we define this edge.

The applications of NFTs are far from exhausted. The use-cases for real economy eclipse the currently popular digital art NFTs. Our aim is to tap into the potential of those undeveloped market segments.

Whether you are an artist, game developer, event organizer or any class of expert or producer in your field, big or small business, MintedVodka will bring the advances and benefits of decentralized ledgers to your business, opening up new use-cases and markets. All that at your fingertips!

Total control and flexibility as with anything that MintedVodka stands for:

anything, anywhere, anytime

Digital art, but on steroids

Create custom, transferrable collections. Fixed-size or inflatable. Pre-minted or minted on-demand through your initial minting offering (IMO).

Your collection is directly bridgeable to all the chains/networks supported by MintedVodka.

Game minting & piracy protection

Launch unmodifiable web-based games that only the NFT holders can play. Fine-tune the game experience depending on the NFT or any additional tokens/NFTs that the player holds.

Web-games minting is the first step towards integration into native mobile and desktop apps and games.

Claimable NFTs for real products

Sell your products as cNFTs - which can be bridged and freely traded on any chain. Access worldwide customer base and be paid instantly, while offering custody of the items. The owner can claim the product by burning the token.

Precious metals and jewelry, real paintings, unique or mass-produced clothes or luxury products. Cars, plots, collectibles. Any real product can be connected and managed as a digital token.

Claimable services

Just like with the real products, you can "mint" your services, be it a deliverable ticket or semi-fungible item like an "hour" of your time. You define conditions like expiry dates, delivery locations, etc.

Claimants can rate your service, increasing your reputation and trust over time.